you can do anything, but not everything 


For you, that probably means managing sales, maintaining social media, developing products and all the other tiny details that make up running a successful business. You're in your groove—until you notice that shy little “sign up for my newsletter” button at the bottom of your website.

You’ve heard about the potential of email marketing, but you either don’t know where to begin or are ready to admit your current email sequences aren’t cutting it. You also know there are better uses of your time than sorting it all out.

Here’s my question for you: What would you gain from freeing up your time and energy while gaining the experience of a copy pro?

Meet me, your go-to wordsmith. With my help, you can cross “email marketing” off your to-do list like a #boss. (After all, even Beyoncé has a full team of people behind her.)

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I bet we’re a match if you…

-Want to up-level your business through professional copywriting

-Are passionate about your business, but know you can’t do it all

-Want to connect with customers in a more meaningful way


Email Sequence Starter package — $600


The Basics:

This package is for you if you are new to the world of email marketing and don’t know where to start. After starting in research and analysis mode, I will tailor a three-part email nurture sequence for your business and provide you with the blueprints for going forward.

The Background:

When we talk “marketing,” social media generally comes to mind. But did you know that only 6% of social media posts are seen by an audience? Or that emails are three times more likely to generate sales than that link you just dropped on Facebook?

This doesn’t mean it’s as simple as drafting up a few catchy emails and calling it a day: My email sequence process is founded on market analysis and insights from your customers before developing sequences to convert those interested readers into active customers.

Email sequence Audit + revamp — $800


The Basics:

If you half-hearted put an email sequence in place and it isn’t getting the results you hoped, this package is for you. I will dive deep into your available insights, perform research with your client base and rewrite your choice of four existing automated emails so they actually accomplish your objective. (I’m guessing that means money right back in your bank.)

The Background:

Tell me your goals and I’ll take it from there. I approach custom email copy with focus not only on what sounds good, but with research-backed insights on your customers and what inspires them to hit that “buy now” button. We’ll start with a discovery call and creative brief so I can have all necessary details on your business and dreams. I’ll turn around copy for four emails within two weeks for your feedback or revisions. Then we’ll put a little polish on it so you can take it live.

Monthly Email Management — Starting at $150


The Basics:

You are completely sold on the benefits of email marketing after working together on a starter package or revamp, but don’t have the time or interest in continually fueling the fire with fresh emails. I will apply my knowledge of your audience to create timely emails for you.

The Background:

Bland “newsletters,” be gone! My monthly email management services will allow you to maintain the quality and conversion-driven content that we worked so hard to establish for your initial email sequences. Management starts with one email per month.

a little of this, a little of that — varied


The Basics:

Does it feel like we’re a real match? I also offer copywriting services to give you the quality you expect from my emails across your whole website.

Examples of my à la carte copywriting services include:

  • Creative calls to action—$25 a pop

  • Product descriptions for your site or e-commerce platform—$100 a piece

  • Name development for your business, Facebook group, etc.—$200