you can do anything, but not everything 


For you, that probably means managing sales, maintaining social media, developing products and all the other tiny details that make up running a successful business. You're in your groove—until you pull up your website and see blank spaces staring back.

You don't want bland copy, inauthentic descriptions or—gasp—an errant apostrophe to derail the rest of your work. You also know there are better uses of your time. Meet: me!

By enlisting my help with your web presence, you are investing in services to unlock your business potential. (After all, even Beyoncé has a full team of people behind her.)

Where can we begin?


I don’t have to tell you that your business is unique. (I just want to help remind your would-be clients of that.) To meet you exactly where you have needs, I offer three distinct packages with three distinct price points.

The You’ve Got This Package

Coaching to create your own dreamy copy

The Calling in the pro package

Custom copy from yours truly

The Time for a fresh start package

Custom website design and copy


Still not seeing exactly what you need? I take on à la carte projects—like standalone about pages or business name development—as my schedule permits. Give me a holler now to see about getting something on the books.


The You’ve Got This Package — $200


The Basics:

A little guidance and vote of confidence can go a long way. With one-on-one coaching, guided worksheets and my edits on three custom pages of copy, not only will you end up with words you love—but you’ll also have the tools you need to DIY more copy going forward.

During the suggested three-week timeline, we’ll start by honing in on your voice and goals. Then you’ll turn your homework into me for personalized feedback until you are completely happy with your new copy. Bonus: You can take full credit.

The Calling in the Pro Package — $800


The Basics:

Tell me your goals and I’ll take it from there. With three pages of custom copy—such as for your home, about and services pages—we’ll give your voice the full professional treatment.

For the suggested four-week timeline, you’ll start by filling out a creative brief to give me all the necessary details on your business and dreams. I’ll turn around copy within two weeks for your feedback or revisions before polishing it off so you can take it live.

i know what I want options — varied


The Basics:

If you’re just starting up and or looking back at a specific page of your website with regret (the worst)—let me help you, gal!

Examples of my à la carte copywriting services include:

  • About page—$200

  • Creative calls to action—$40 a pop

  • Product descriptions for your site or e-commerce platform—$100 a piece

  • Name development for your business, Facebook group, etc.—$200

The process + Promise


I know this is a commitment—and I want to make sure you are fully confident we’re a good match.

For custom projects, after you give me a sense of your needs, we'll schedule a 15-minute consultation to dive in deeper before I return to you with a written proposal specific to your project. Once we strike a deal, you will complete my custom creative brief (probably learning something about yourself in the process!) and then I will get the first round of copy or concepts to you within one week. Once you provide feedback, you can expect the second round of revisions within one week or less. If necessary—and it often isn't—I will do third and fourth rounds of revisions on the same timeline.