Custom Canned Emails

Up-level your CRM — and stop leaving clients hanging

Your inbox is pushing the storage limits. Your leads are left wondering if you got their message. Your fingers are typing furiously in an attempt to replicate that brilliant email you sent last week.

Ready for an alternative? Load custom canned emails into your CRM and keep your business moving.


It really is that simple. When you automate emails, you are skipping past the never-ending process of drafting, writing and scheduling emails for the most predictable parts of your business.


We’re talking emails ready to be automated for

New leads

Project launches

Invoices established

Payment reminders

Testimonial requests



As a copywriter, Emails are my jam


I love diving deep into customer insights, competitor analysis and brand backgrounds to develop email sequences that deliver results. But, here’s the thing, we don’t need to be constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to sending out great emails.

Canned email templates enable you to get the key points of your message across every time—so you don’t accidentally send out that message about the on-boarding process without the essential questionnaire or a reminder to pay an invoice that’s missing the actual invoice link.

I will develop your most-needed emails with copy customized to your brand and your offerings.

Then, simply load the emails into your favorite CRM, automate them and MOVE ON.

 the details

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How can I use the emails?

Your canned emails can be customized to just about any CRM (customer relationship management) tool—but I will say that Dubsado is the one that has completely stolen my heart. If you use this platform, I will format the emails to include smart field links, which can autofill the customer’s name, business and other relevant details.

What emails does this package include?

The standard package is for new leads, project launches, invoices, payment reminders and testimonial requests. Need to deviate? No problem. This is a custom service, after all! Just let me know what emails you have in mind. You can even add on to the package for $35 per email.

What’s the cost?

Yes, the burning question! This five-email package that can be used hundreds of times over to save you countless hours while earning you more money is bargain-priced at: $175!

When can I start using these emails?

Follow the link below and we’ll get straight to it! After you complete your brand profile, the emails will be delivered for your infinite use within two weeks.

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