Hey, I’m emily—and this is why about pages matter


I don’t want to be too forward, but I bet I can guess how you’re feeling right now: disillusioned by social media and overwhelmed by the thought of email sequences.

After all, you started your business with fire in your heart and optimism that sales will follow. The trick is that it’s not quite that simple. There is more competition for consumers’ attention online than ever before and the fact is that social media is a squirmy little beast.

I know this all to be true because I was you. After graduating with my journalism degree from the University of Kansas, I went straight to work online—at a time when Instagram was still dominated by their own filters and Pinterest was just a blip on the radar.

Like so many of you, I thought yes, this is the way of the future. So I began working as a social media strategist, first by trading content for a monthly membership to a local boxing gym and eventually by serving as social media editor for Motherly, the fastest growing parenting website in the country.

It may have looked like I was on a rocket ship to the moon, but it sure didn’t feel that way. All the while, I grew less certain of the sales benefits of social media for small businesses.

After transitioning to a role at Motherly that put me in direct contact with brands and striking out to do freelance copywriting of my own, it hit me: We’re all looking for connection and value online, not little sales jabs on Facebook.

This revelation led me to rediscover and rethink email marketing, which is truly so much more than garnering email subscribers with the promise of 10% off their first purchase and a prefab welcome email.

Through deep market research, competitive analysis and, yes, some fancy wordsmithing, I deliver email sequences that serve customers. The happy side-effect? More sales for businesses, too.


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