Hey, I’m emily—and this is why about pages matter


If you open up a newspaper, you’ll notice stories start with the most compelling aspect. When I studied journalism at the University of Kansas, I paid good money to learn the art of identifying these “hooks.”

Through my following years in digital media, I realized hooks are even more valuable to websites: With only seconds to convince someone to stick around your website, strong copy and design can be the difference between a buyer and a bye-er.

The trouble with doing this on your own is that you might be standing too close. It's like when you're asked to share a fun fact and you freeze—because you have hundreds and can't decide what's most worth revealing. I now help independent business owners identify their hooks and then build winning website copy from there.

Let me also ask you this: What’s the point of a website if you aren’t excited to share it with people?

The answer is there is no point. I know that because, as a fellow independent business owner, I’ve had my fair share of not-quite-right websites in the past.

I believed in the content. I believed in my skills. But I wasn’t proud of the packaging.

It was only through disappointment, trial and error and, eventually, investment in the services I knew were better in the hands of others that finally became proud of my digital presence.

I want to help do that for you, too.


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