Confidence-boosting Email copywriting

for the independent business owner ready to unlock her email list’s potential


 Does this sound familiar?

You were bursting with enthusiasm when you launched your business, only to realize websites don’t promote themselves and social media isn’t driving the sales you hoped. And the point of a business website that doesn’t bring you business is—crickets.

I was with you until I had a game-changing revelation: Converting readers into customers is about serving them, not selling to them.

This lightbulb moment led me straight into the warm embrace of analysis-driven email marketing and I haven’t looked back for a single second. (I never liked Twitter much anyway.)


Here’s why email marketing won my heart

-Email messages are six (!!) times more likely to be read than Facebook posts

-77% of people prefer email over all other marketing methods

-Buyers are giving you their full attention when they open your email (unlike when there is a funny cat video if they scroll a bit farther on Facebook)


That’s why I’m here

I’m Emily, a copywriter, content developer and former social media strategist who saw the light of email marketing.

Whether you don’t know the first thing about “automations” or you want help up-leveling your existing email sequences, I’m your girl.