Confidence-boosting copy

so you can reclaim your time while up-leveling your business


 I’m willing to guess…

You were bursting with enthusiasm when you launched your business, only to realize just how much writing is involved.

The website. Social media. Emails

You’re stuck managing everything instead of playing CEO.

And you can’t help but wonder what’s the point of being in business if you aren’t doing what you truly love.


meet your cure to writer’s block

Have you ever been asked to share a fun fact about yourself and you totally freeze? You’re a fun person. There are facts about you. Yet you go totally blank when put on the spot.

Doing your own copywriting can be a lot like that. (Talking from personal experience! I wrote my about page last.)

When we stand too close to the subject matter, sometimes we lose sight of what matters. As a copywriter, it’s my job to help peel back the layers, refine the key points and shine up the words. If you want website copy, another set of eyes for proofreading or a deluxe email sequence strategy, I’m your girl.


I can help you…

-Put some purpose in your prose: Conversion copywriting is about serving people, not being slimy

-Slide into those inboxes: Email marketing has a bananas ROI—but only if you use it

-Dust off your blog: Content marketing results in 3x the number of leads as traditional marketing


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